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Beginner Formulas


Beginner Formulas

  Please note that you can often use the same ingredients in various recipes! And certain ingredients can easily be replaced by different ones without sacrificing function and/or appearance. For example:

- Cleansing Blend WF can replace other surfactants such as polyglucose or coco glucose blend
- Hydroxymethyl Cellulose can replace xanthan gum or hydroxypropyl guar but may need to be added at a higher concentration
- Sodium Gluconate can replace EDTA
- CreamMaker CAT can be used instead of CreamMaker Blend for a different skin feel (anionic nature of CAT adds softening and conditioning properties to a cream)
- Gluconolactone SB can replace phenoxyethanol-SA or paraben-DU, but proper microbial testing is recommended when switching to a new preservative
- Glucose D can replace Glucose T providing also a very good thickening effect


Basic Mild Shower Gel


Hair Conditioner with Raspberry Seed Oil & SeaFennel Extract


Mild Face Cleansing Foam


Moisturizing Skin Cream with Jojoba & Ceramides