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GelMaker EMU

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GelMaker EMU
$13.20 - $1,320.00
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Description: Preneutralized polymer in an inverse emulsion that forms hydro-swelling droplets (HSD) in water. Translucent, slightly viscous liquid. pH: 5-7 (2 % aqueous gel). CAS# 77019-71-7, 4390-04-9, 9005-65-6.
INCI Name: Sodium acrylate, acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, isohexadecane, polysorbate 80.
Properties: Excellent thickener by forming gels over a wide ph range (4-12), emulsifies all kinds of oily phases (up to 40%) incl. silicones & vegetable oils without the addition of a conventional emulsifier, able to produce cold emulsions, stabilizes emulsions & maintains the viscosity of a formula, gives light & pleasant texture to spread on skin.
Use: Emulsions: 0.5 - 2 % (can be added into fat or water phase, or at the end of emulsification at temperatures of 70-75oC); Needs good mixing with hand mixer to get smooth creams. Gel creams: 1 - 5%. When using over 3% use at least 12% oils for best performance.
Application: Gel-creams, emulsion-gels, cold emulsions, lotions, creams, skin-whitening /self-tanning products, sun care & baby care products, mascara, foundations.
More Information:  MSDS,   Fact Sheet,   Sample Recipe
Used in Marketed Products:
Face Buff Energizing Scrub   Perfect Lite Sunscreen SPF 30   Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Oil Gel
Brand: Jack Black   Brand: 3LAB   Brand: Alterna
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