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Natural Oils
Natural oils are vegetable oils consist of aethereal salts of glycerin with a large number of organic acids such as stearic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid forming stearin, olein and palmitin, respectively. Stearin and palmitin prevail in the solid olis and fats, while olein is dominant in the liquid oils. Natural oils are excellent emollients leaving the skin soft and smooth. While penetrating the skin many oils have also effective nourishing and revitalizing effects. Natural oils are used in a wide variety of cosmetic products including personal care as well as makeup products.

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Almond Oil

Natural Emollient with Nourishing Properties

$4.80 - $245.00
Argan Oil

Natural Emollient Rich in Antioxidants

$11.90 - $217.00
Avocado Oil

Natural Emollient with High Vitamin Content

$5.50 - $295.00
Camelina Oil

Natural Emollient with Nourishing Properties

$4.90 - $239.00
Castor Oil

Natural Emollient with Conditioning Properties

$3.40 - $261.80
Cherry Kernel Oil

Light Oil with Natural Vitamins

$6.60 - $289.00
Coconut Oil

Natural Emollient with Conditioning Properties

$3.70 - $195.00
Grapeseed Oil

Natural Emollient with Astringent Properties

$4.00 - $181.30
Jojoba Oil

Certified Organic Oil-Like Liquid Wax with Moisturizing Effect

$10.90 - $779.00
Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Natural Vegetable Oil

$10.90 - $691.60
Rose Hip Oil

Natural Emollient with Soothing & Anti-Wrinkle Properties

$8.60 - $525.20
Sesame Seed Oil

Certified Organic Emollient with Softening & Nourishing Properties.

$5.50 - $375.00

Speciality Emollient & Moisturizer

$18.50 - $1,285.00
Hemp Seed Oil

Natural Emollient and Nourishing Ingredient

$5.20 - $369.00
Macadamia Nut Oil

Natural Emollient for Rich Skin Feel

$5.80 - $305.00