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Vitamin A (retinol palmitate)

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Vitamin A retinol palmitate
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Description: Highly active, fat-soluble vitamin with various effects on skin. Activity 1.7 Mio IU/g. Dissolved in soybean oil. Contains vitamin E (tocopherol) as antioxidant. Clear, golden oily liquid, faint odor. Slightly soluble in alcohol, miscible in oils, insoluble in water. CAS# 79-81-2.
INCI Name: Retinyl palmitate.
Properties: Skin regenerating properties (promotes epithelialization & keratinization). Can improve appearance of aged and acneic skin.
Use: Product crystallizes and becomes solid when refrigerated (recommended for storage); put in warm water-bath to melt. Can be added to formulas as is (as last ingredient), usual final concentration 500-20'000 IU/g (1g = 20 drops = 1.7 Mio units); Example: 10 drops vitamin A per 100g (3.5oz) cream gives 8'500 IU/g.
Application: All kinds of skin care products (primarily regenerating, nourishing & after sun products).
More Information: MSDS,  Fact Sheet,  Sample Recipe
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Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Creme

  Anti-Aging Therapy with Tri-Retinol Complex   Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream
Brand: Derma E   Brand: Orangedaily   Brand: Neutrogena
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