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Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate)
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Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate)
Vitamin C magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
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Description: Very stable vitamin C derivative (L-Ascorbic acid mono-dihydrogen phosphate magnesium salt) that does not degrade in formulas containing water. Light-stable and oxygen-stable. Purity >98.0%. White-yellowish powder, mild odor. Soluble in water (154g/l at 25C corresponding to about 15%), may discolor in pH <6, best when used in emulsion based products at pH between 5.5-7.

CAS: 114040-31-2 (also 113170-55-1, 108910-78-7)

INCI Name: Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate

Properties: Potent antioxidant (protects skin from oxidation), can improve appearance of aged skin (improves skin elasticity by enhancing collagen production), excellent non-irritating skin whitening agent that inhibits skin cells to produce melanin, lightens age spots.

Use: Add at the end of the formulation process just before the preservative, by pre-dissolving in little distilled water. Usual concentration 0.2-3%, but up to 10%. For external use only.

Applications: Lotions, creams, sun care & after sun products, makeup products.

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

Used in Commercial Products:

Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Cream   Skin Lightening Cream, Ginsium-C   Ultimate Eye Creme
Brand: Avalon Organics   Brand: Earth Science   Brand: Zia Natural Skincare

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HS Code 2936270000
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