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Vitamin C in Silicone (L-ascorbic acid)

Products > Anti-Acne Agents > Vitamin C in Silicone (L-ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C in Silicone
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Description: Active form of vitamin C stabilized in a blend of emollients & silicones, contains 10% pure l-ascorbic acid providing all the anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits in an easy to use blend. White creamy gel. CAS# 13475-82-6, 50-81-7.50-81-7.
INCI Name: Isododecane, dimethicone, crosspolymer-3, L-ascorbic acid.
Properties: Potent anti-oxidant (shown to be able to protect skin from oxidative damages). Can improve appearance of aged skin (improves skin elasticity by enhanced collagen production, avoids hyperpigmentation including age spots). Antioxidant effect can be increased by combining L-ascorbic acid with L-ascorbyl palmitate and/or vitamin E.
Use: Can be used as (applied directly to skin) or added to cosmetic formulations (e.g. emulsions). Usual final concentration 0.5-100 %. For external use only.
Application: Serums, lotions, sun care & after sun products, sticks & makeup.
More Information: MSDS,  Fact Sheet,  Sample Recipe
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Brand: Lumene   Brand: Clinicians Complex   Brand: Clarity RX
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