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Willow Bark Extract

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Willow Bark Extract
Salix Alba Bark
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Description: Willow Bark Extract also known as European white willow and salicin willow is made from the bark of the willow plant. Extract in water and glycerin, preserved with phenoxyethanol. Clear medium brown liquid, characteristic odour, water-soluble, pH 4.5-6. CAS# 84082-82-6, 7732-18-5, 56-81-5, 122-99-6.
INCI Name: Salix alba (Willow) bark extract.
Properties: Willow bark extract has been shown to have soothing properties on irritated skin and works as an astringent, mild cleanser and toner. It also moisturizes the skin.
Use: Add at the end of cosmetic formulations at room temperature, water soluble. Recommended use level is 5-10%. For external use only.
Application: Cleansers and toners, creams & lotions, masks, gels and peels.
More Information:  MSDS,   Fact Sheet,   Sample Recipe
Used in Marketed Products:

Aloe and Willow Bark Facial Toner

  Anti-Blemish Gel with Willow Bark   Willow Bark To-Go Treatment
Brand: Ken Paves   Brand: Skyn Iceland   Brand: Boscia
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