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Zinc Ricinoleate

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Zinc Ricinoleate
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Description: Highly effective deodorant base on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid. Beige pellets, characteristic odor. Water-insoluble, melts with other oily components in the oil phase. Melting Point 160Fo/71oC. pH value 6.6. Biological degradability 99%. CAS# 13040-19-2.
INCI Name: Zinc ricinoleate.
Properties: Zinc ricinoleate works in that it chemically fixes (traps & absorbs) odor molecules formed during bacterial decomposition of perspiration. It does not inhibit natural transpiration and has no bactericidal or fungicidal properties. Therefore it does not interfere with the natural flora of the skin.
Use: Can be melted together with the other oily components of the oil phase, preferably at 80oC/176oF. Emulsify as usual. Typical use level is 1.5-3%.
Application: Deodorant sticks or emulsion type deodorants.
More Information:  MSDS,  Fact Sheet,  Sample Recipe
Used in Marketed Products:
Long Lasting Natural Deodorant Roll-On   Sunless Tanning Spray - Face and Body   Deodorant - Floral
Brand: Tom's of Maine   Brand: Mystic Tan   Brand: Dr.Hauschka
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