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How-To-Do Slide Shows & Videos

  We have created several slide shows and videos providing you step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own cosmetics. All tools, ingredients, and containers used in the videos are available at our online store.
  Slide Shows  


  Video 1: Making a Clear Gel with Carbomer  
  Video 2: Making an Eye Gel From Carbomer Base  
  Video 3: Making Instant Cold Emulsion (I.C.E.) Blends  
  Video 4: Wetting Pigments  
  Video 5: Making Your Own Household Deodorizing Spray  
  Video 6: How to Make Mineral Make-up  
  Video 7: Make Your Own Basic Hair Shampoo  
  Video 8: How to Make a Hyaluronic Acid Gel at 2%  
  Video 9: How to Make a Vitamin C Serum