Aminopropyl Dihydrogen Phosphate
3-Aminopropyl Dihydrogen Phosphate

Aminopropyl Dihydrogen Phosphate

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Anti-Aging Agent & Collagen-Stimulant
Part Number: Z-AAG-AMPRDP-01
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Description: Active ingredient targeted for skincare and sun care applications. It offers anti-aging properties through fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis.

INCI Name: 3-Aminopropyl Dihydrogen Phosphate

CAS: n/a

Appearance: Colorless liquid
Loss on drying: 87.0–90.0%
pH value: 4.5–6.5
Refractive index (n25D): 1.3572–1.3972
Specific Gravity (n20 20): 1.0541–1.1541
Heavy Metals: < 20 ppm
Arsenic: < 2 ppm
Nitrogen: 0.7–0.9%
Assay: 9.0–11.0%
Microbial count < 102 per gram

Storage: Stable if kept in closed container at cool and dry place

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