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Body Butter & Balm Formulas


Highlighter Balm (No. 1445)

Properties: Quick highlighter balm for the cheeks, lips and all the areas that need a little glow! Natural formulation, quick to make..

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ButterMelts - Orange Peel Bonbon  (No. 1422)

Properties: One ButterMelt butter bonbon is enough for the whole body - contains natural emollients, orange peel and shea butter to soften & nourish the skin. Glide one bonbon all over skin right after showering when skin is still damp and warm, then work gently into the skin. Leaves skin super smooth, moisturized and smelling delicious!

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Body Butter with Shea Butter & Cacao Butter  (No. 1020)

Properties: Pleasant creamy body butter that gives lots of moisture and softens the skin. For normal to dry skin.

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Body Butter Creme-de-Coco  (No. 1015)

Properties: Natural creamy thick body butter that softens and moisturizes the skin. Avocado and shea butter add a silky buttery feel and make skin oh so soft. Coco flavor is irresistible.

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