Cellulose Gum CMC
Cellulose Gum CMC

Cellulose Gum CMC

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Vegetable Based Polymer Thickener
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Description: Cellulose Gum (sodium carboxymethylcellulose, CMC) is widely used as a thickener to bind water. It prevents syneresis and adds desirable flow properties to formulations. Used mostly in toothpaste formulations, Cellulose Gum can also be used to provide hold in denture cream and powder formulations. Available in a wide variety of grades for different formulation needs. Medium viscosity range of 1500-3100 cps. Creamy white, odorless free flowing powder.

INCI Name: Cellulose Gum

CAS: 9004-32-4

Applications: Skin care, facial care, oral care, toothpastes, denture creams & powders


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