Diisoamyl Sebacate
Diisoamyl Sebacate

Diisoamyl Sebacate

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Emollient & Humectant
Part Number: Z-ELL-DIISOAMSEB-01
Int. Shipping: HS Code 2936210000
Description: Diisoamyl sebacate. It is compatible with oils, solvent to organic UV filters, and has excellent solubility.

CAS: n/a

INCI Name: Diisoamyl Sebacate

Properties: It has a silky feel, good absorption into the skin, has a hypoallergenic claim, and provides a good de-greasing effect.

Use: Add to oil phase of emulsions. Typical use level Use level: 2 - 5%. For external use only.

Applications: Emollient with conditioning properties

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