We recommend to use liquid D&C colors as primary coloring agents in lipstick products including the matter liquid lipstick base as they provide an intense coloring effect and are easy to formulate with since they are already pre-dispersed. However, thorough mixing is still needed to evenly disperse the colors in the lipstick base. The larger the batch the longer you will need to mix; you may even have to use an immersion stick blender. If a more intense, vibrant color is needed we recommend using also dry colors such as, for example, D&C red no. 6, D&C red no. 7, or D&C red no. 40 together with liquid pigment dispersions. Micas are generally not used as primary pigments in lipstick products since their coloring capability is rather weak. Micas are only added to add some shimmer. Colors that are prohibited for using in lip care products include Chromium Oxide Green, Ultramarine Blue, and Ultramarine Pink.
Please note: The more you dilute the base with liquid dispersions the more it may affect the smudge resistance and vibrancy. It's a balance between using liquid colors, dry colors and micas. When using dry colors make sure they are mixed into the base very thoroughly for a uniform color! Also, the base will then most likely not be totally smudge proof as we have not come across a product that is just that. It's important though that a thin layer is applied onto the lips and dried completely.

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