Ideally, SkinWhite MSH is melted first in warm oil before adding to a cream base. Once dissolved in some oil, SkinWhite MSH can then be added to a cream base (or also a finished cream). Also, you may try to dissolve SkinWhite MSH directly in a cream without pre-dissolving in oil but it may not always dissolve completely. You only need very little oil, e.g. half a teaspoon or so to dissolve the SkinWhite MSH. Keep the temperature a low as possible, just so that the SkinWhite MSH dissolves (100oC is definitely too hot and may alter the functionality of SKinWhite MSH). It doesn't matter what kind of oil you are using.

Alternatively, you could also use SkinWhite BLE ( which is readily soluble in water and can be easily integrated into creams or lotions.
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