Basically, there are four principles of anti-aging treatments:

1) Antioxidants: These agents prevent oxidative damages to the skin. Example: Vitamin C, vitamin E, botanical extracts (watermelon extract, edelweiss extract).

2) Moisturizing agents: These agents maintain proper hydration of the skin which is crucial to maintain a healthy young-looking skin.

3) Skin-muscles relaxing agents (botox like effect): These agents relax the tiny muscles in the skin thereby firming the skin and ironing out wrinkles. Examples: Argireline, SkinFirm Dipeptide, Snake Peptide, SkinTight C-Root, SkinLift DPHP

4) Collagen-boosting agents: These agents stimulate formation of collagen, an important structural protein to maintain firmness of the skin but decreases with age. Examples: Tripeptide-5, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Coenzyme Q10

Usually, a combination of all 4 types of ingredients are used in high-potency anti-aging products. In addition, to prevent acceleration of skin-aging, sunscreens (UV-absorbers) are often used in anti-aging products. Deep wrinkles tend to respond better to skin-muscle relaxing agents and moisturizing agents.
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