The Personal Care Product Council suggested criteria for maximum microbial content are listed below:
  • Baby products - no more than 10² CFU / gram or ml
  • Eye area products - no more than 10² CFU / gram or ml
  • All other products - no more than 10³ CFU / gram or m
Results Interpretation: The natural variability of the microbial plate count method is necessary to take into consideration, so the recommended limits are typically interpreted in the following way: 10² - maximum allowable limit is 5 x 10². 10³ - maximum allowable limit is 5 x 10³. Microbial counts exceeding these criteria are recommended to be investigated in order to identify the source of the contamination and further prevent it. Note: These are recommended criteria only. The FDA leaves it to the cosmetic manufacturers to determine the appropriate safety level for their specific products. Many cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers choose to set higher standards for their products requiring <10 CFU / gram or ml in their products to be accepted.
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