Glycine-Benzoic Acid
Glycine-Benzoic Acid

Glycine-Benzoic Acid

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Glycine-Based Broad-Spectrum Preservative Blend
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Description: Modern, stand-alone preservative free of alcohol, parabens, isothiazolinones and formaldehyde donors. Useful across a wide range of skin and hair care formulations. Contains no components considered to be either persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic to the environment. Solid flakes, characteristic odor. pH 2.5-3.5 (1% aqueous dispersion). Practically insoluble in water (0.2%), lipid soluble.

CAS: 65-85-0, 14246-53-8, 54301-26-7

INCI Name: Benzoic acid, capryloyl glycine, undecylenoyl glycine

  • Broad spectrum preservative effective against bacteria, yeast and mold
  • Active in a wide pH range (best between pH 3-6.5)
  • Stand-alone preservative, no color impact and low odor
  • Compatible with most commonly used personal care ingredients

Use: Add to formulations under hot conditions (up to 95oC/203oF). In formulations not involving heating process, Glycine-Benzoid acid can be pre-dispersed in warm water followed by adding this premix to the formulation. Recommended use level of 0.5-1.2%. Performs best in pH 3-6.5. Compatible with practically all raw materials, may be weakened by non-ionic surfactants. External use only.

Applications: All kinds of skin & hair care products (incl. emulsions, aqueous gels), sun care products, makeup products.

Country of Origin: USA

Raw material source: Toluene, oxygen, glycine, undecylenoyl glycine

Manufacture: Proprietary blend of three antimicrobial agents. Benzoic acid is produced by partial oxidation of toluene with oxygen. Both capryloyl glycine and undecylenoyl glycine are lipid amino acids and are obtained by acylation of glycine to a fatty chain.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO-free

Vegan: Does not contain animal derived components

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

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