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Hand Cream Formulas


Moisturizing Hand Cream

Properties: Hydrolyzed jojoba protein is an effective moisturizer with proven skin-tightening & anti-aging effects it also reduces fines lines and wrinkles. The juice from the aloe vera plant has potent moisturizing and soothing properties at a nice concentration of (20% overall) in this formulation. Provitamin B5 and almond oil heal chapped skin and help maintain healthy hands.

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Jojoba Hand Cream with Provitamin B5 (o/w)

Properties: Moisturizing hand cream with skin softening jojoba, soothing provitamin B5 and allantoin. Treat your hands with something good!

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Healing Hand Cream for Chapped Skin (o/w)

Properties: Intensive moisturizing treatment for chapped hands due to aloe vera, almond oil and shea butter, soothing and anti-aging effect due to provitamin B5 and vitamin E.

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Conditioning Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera

Properties: Hand Sanitizer with 45% Alcohol content to kill germs and bacteria.

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