With our Signature Pigment Blends you can easily create great mineral makeup powders, creamy foundations, concealers, and also lip care products with the shade you like. You can use our pigment blends in 5 easy ways. Please note that for all products mentioned below (except loose mineral makeup) it is recommended to prepare the pigment blends first by wetting them in some oil (see our video).

1. Loose Mineral Makeup

Mix pigment blend(s) with our Signature Mineral Base to create loose mineral makeup powder. Check out our video on how to make powder mineral makeup.

2. Creamy Foundation

Add pigment blends(s) directly to one of our Cream Bases to create creamy foundations.

3. Tinted Sunscreen

Add pigment blends(s) directly to a sunscreen formula to neutralize or cover the whitening effect of sunscreens.

4. Concealer

Add pigment blends(s) to our Lip Balm Base to create a natural concealer. Titanium dioxide will also be needed for coverage.

5. Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Add pigment blends(s) to lipstick or lip gloss formulas to add natural tan shades.

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