Our vision for the last 20 years is finally emerging in stores. The trend for transparency, individuality, DIY, artisan, knowledge about ingredients is continuing to grow. The market is starting to shift and companies understand that one formula doesn’t fit all.

Don’t Shoot for Perfectness:
There is even wiggle room for a product not to be perfect: a color is allowed to separate a bit creating different hues and layers. Or, a perfume can have different notes depending how it is sprayed. Color swirls can have different color deposits, each time it is used.

Environmental Awareness:
The current movement to be more aware about our environment will shape further the cosmetic industry. Every year new ways to save water in the manufacture of products are introduced, also packaging that’s made of recycled material, less packaging, or even zero waste packaging. Dry hair shampoos along, water-less shampoos, solid lotion bars, solid shampoos, concentrated products will be seen more in stores, hair care brands are looking at zero waste packaging.

Sourcing ingredients in a sustainable way will be the focus into 2020 and further. Many ingredients will be more and more sourced from sustainable raw materials and/or sourced locally. Biomass of woods are being used for making extracts. Many companies started to use natural replacements of silicones that oftentimes offer an equal feel and look. Also, palm-free ingredients or ingredient made from sustainably sourced palm oil will continue to be in large demand.

Growing Markets:
  • CBD and Hemp products
  • Color accessories and makeup for men
  • Hair color with a customized feel
  • Scalp products (exfoliants, rinses)

Karin Bombeli, CEO

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