Microbial Test Kit
Microbial Test Kit (10 Slides)

Microbial Test Kit

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Tests Slides to Determine Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi
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Description: Easy testing kit for quality control of your finished products. Dip-slides enable simple sampling and evaluation of the results, even by personnel without any microbiological training. Special laboratory equipment is not necessary. The slide can be used for testing surfaces, semi-solid materials and liquids that contain water. Water is usually the source for bacteria, yeast and mold growth.

Content: Each dip slide contains two agar surfaces, one for testing bacteria count and the other for yeast and mold count. The kit is available with (4) dip slides or (10) dip slides. Shelf life is 6 months.

Use: Incubate for bacteria at 35 +/- 2oC (95 +/- 5F) for 18-24 hours, and fungi at 30 +/- 2oC (85 +/- 5F) for 24-48 hours (or longer, for up to 7 days). Then enumerate the slides. Note: Incubation after 24 hours may produce confluent growth making enumeration more difficult. Kit comes with detailed instructions and model chart.

Please Note: Certain countries (e.g. Australia) require special import permits to import the kit!

Example Bacteria Colonies (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa)
Example Mold Colonies (Aspergillus)
Example Fungi Colonies (Rhizous)

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