Mineral Oil, USP
Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil, USP

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Emollient & Humectant (USP Grade)
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Description: Liquid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. Oily transparent liquid, color is bright and clear. USP grade.

CAS: 8012-95-1, 8020-83-5, 8042-47-5

INCI Name: Mineral oil (Paraffinum Liquidum)

  • Effective emollient with a great skin feel
  • Easy to use and suitable for all kinds of cosmetic products including skin care, sun care, bath products, hair care to color cosmetics
  • Is non-comedogenic.

Use: Can be added to formulas as is, add to oil phase, use level 1-100%. Stable when kept in a closed container at a cool & dry place. For external use only.

Applications: All kinds of skin care, hair care & sun care products, various color cosmetics. Skin protectant products.

Country of Origin: USA

Raw material source: Petroleum

Manufacture: Distillation of petroleum followed by refining of residual fractions

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO free but not certified (does not contain plant-derived components)

Vegan: Does not contains animal-derived components

Important Note: Mineral oil is registered as an OTC skin protectant drug with the FDA (Category I; allowed concentration 50-100%). This means that if you want to sell a finished product containing mineral oil and you make a skin protectant claim (incl. minor cuts, scrapes, burns, chapped skin and lips, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and insect bites), mineral oil must then be listed under 'Active Ingredients' on the label. Also, your facility and your product must be registered with the FDA and you must operate under cGMP guidelines. However, if no skin protectant drug claims are made on the label, mineral oil is not considered an OTC drug and no registration is needed.

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

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