Multi-Herb Oily Skin
Multi-Herb Oily Skin

Multi-Herb Oily Skin

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Herbal Complex for Oily Skin (Anti-Seborrheic)
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Description: Complex of plant extracts designed for skin with excessive sebum formation. Made with Watercress extract, Sage extract, Burdock root extract, Lemon peel extract, Ivy extract, Saponaria extract, Bladderwrack extract. Amber liquid, characteristic herbal odor. pH value 5.7. Water-soluble. Preserved with phenoxyethanol and paraben.

CAS: 57-55-6, 7732-18-5, 84649-87-6, 84082-79-1, 8022-56-8, 84929-31-7, 85085-28-5, 8477-97-3, 84696-13-9

INCI Name: Propylene glycol, water, Nasturtium Officinale (watercress) extract, Arctium Majus root extract, Salvia Officinalis (sage) leaf extract, Citrus Limon (Lemon) peel extract, Hedera Helix (Ivy) leaf extract, Saponaria Officinalis leaf/root extract, Fucus Vesiculosus extract

  • Recommended for skin with high levels of sebum production, irritation, itching and loss of hydration
  • Very useful for blemished and impure skin

Use: Typical use level 0.5 - 3%. Add to water phase of formulas.

Applications: Lotions, gels, toners, cleansers and moisturizers, oily skin treatments.

Country of Origin: Spain

Raw material source: Seaweed, Great Burdock, Watercress, Ivy, Lemon, Sage and Common Soapwort

Manufacture: Multi-Herb Oily Skin is produced from extracts obtained from Seaweed, Great Burdock, Watercress, Ivy, Lemon, Sage and Common Soapwort.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO free but not certified

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

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