Orchid Stem Cells
Orchid Stem Cells

Orchid Stem Cells

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Anti-Wrinkle & Contouring Agent
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Description: Plant stem cells obtained from a Japanese orchid flower (Calanthe Discolor). In vitro studies with tissue cells have been found that orchid stem cells extracts are able to induce several growth factors and stimulate the production of tissue proteins (collagen, elastin). Preserved with sodium benzoate. Clear viscous pale yellow liquid, odorless. Water-soluble.

CAS: 7732-18-5, 56-81-5, 11138-66-2, 532-32-1, 90-80-2, 299-28-5

INCI Name: Water, glycerin, Calanthe Discolor extract, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, gluconolactone, calcium gluconate

  • Provides a broad rejuvenating effect such as restoring firmness and elasticity of the skin and redefining the contouring of the jawline and eye area (volume reduction)
  • Provides a drooping eye lifting effect helping to open the eye for a refreshed look
  • Reduces appearance of fine wrinkles, dull and rough skin

Use: Add to aqueous phase of emulsions (creams, lotions, gels etc). Typical use level is 2%. Store in refrigerator. For external use only.

Applications: Anti-aging treatments, eye creams, lifting creams, moisturizers and serums, anti-wrinkle care.

Country of Origin: Spain

Raw material source: Japanese orchid ((Calanthe Discolor). The following substances have the GRAS status ('Generally Recognized As Safe'): Glycerin, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, and calcium gluconate as assessed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) expert  panel.

Manufacture: No preparation details revealed by the manufacturer for proprietary reasons.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO-free but not certified

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

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