PEG-40 Lanolin
PEG-40 Lanolin

PEG-40 Lanolin

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Description: Polyethylene glycol derivative of lanolin with an average of 40 moles of ethylene oxide. Properties are inherited from natural Lanolin and imparts moisturizing, lubricating, solubilization of oils and perfumes and emollient properties to shampoos, conditioners, bath preparations, creams, lotions, as well as soap and detergent systems. Since it absorbs readily, its use in skin and hair formulas augments the functions of natural oils.

CAS: 8051-82-9, 61790-81-6

INCI Name: PEG-40 Lanolin

Appearance: Amber to brown liquid
Boiling point: Decomposes at 350°F
Flash point: 530°F (C.O.C)
Solubility in water: Complete

Storage: Pack in tightly sealed containers. Keep container tightly closed. Store in dry, cool place, and protect from moisture.

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