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HS Code 3402130000
Description: Mild non-ionic surfactant composed of sugar (glucose) derived from corn starch and fatty alcohols (decanol) derived from coconuts, soluble in water, ph 11-12 (10% solution), 50% active substances. Clear golden liquid, viscous, no odor.

CAS: 110615-47-9, 68515-73-1

INCI Name: Decyl glucoside

Properties: Exceptionally mild co-surfactant compatible with all types of surfactants (also useful as primary surfactant), foam stabilizer, low defatting but good wetting properties, improves conditioning effect of cationic surfactants.

Use: Can be added to formulas as is. Recommended use level 2 - 50% depending on desired foaming and cleansing effects.

Applications: Body washes, shampoos, cleansing lotions, various personal care cleansing products.

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

Used in Commercial Products:

Round-Up Cleanser   Rose Facial Scrub   Baby's Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash
Brand: Cowgirl Skincare   Brand: Sanitas Skincare   Brand: Jurlique

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