Potassium Lactate
Potassium Lactate

Potassium Lactate

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Colorless, Slightly Viscous Humectant
Part Number: Z-HUM-POTASLAC-01
Int. Shipping: HS Code 2905310000

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Description: Clear, slightly vicious liquid with a concentration of 60% solids by weight in purified water. The crystalline potassium salt of lactic acid is hygroscopic and extremely difficult to isolate. Has antimicrobial and humectant properties in cosmetic applications. Recommended use level 0.5-3%

INCI Name: Potassium Lactate

CAS: 996-31-6, 85895-78-9

Appearance: Colorless, slightly viscous liquid
Odor: Practically odorless
Specific Gravity: 1.32– 1.35
Potassuim Lactate, by weight: 58.0 – 62.0%
pH 6.5 – 8.5
Heavy Metals, ppm 10 Maximum
Sodium: 0.13% Maximum
Chloride: ppm 500 Maximum
Methanol, Methyl Esters: ppm 250 Maximum
Sulfites 0.005% Maximum

Storage / Self Life: Store under cool, dry conditions.

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