I recently had the pleasure to meet with Katherine Tornay, the founder and owner of the family-owned Edelweiss plantation in Switzerland where our ECOCERT-Approved Edelweiss Extract is sourced from.

The Edelweiss flower is cultivated in high alpine areas in the French speaking part of Switzerland and is manually harvested twice a year. The flower is cut only partially while the stems and roots of the plant are left untouched until a second cut later in the year. After the snowy winter the cycle is repeated. Only the naturally occurring soil and mountain water are used to grow the plant with no pesticides or fertilizers.

The Edelweiss Extract has recently received the Fair for Life Certification for its initiative with a farmers’ cooperative in Switzerland.

Karin Bombeli, CEO, MakingCosmetics Inc.


Edelweiss flowers, cultivated in high alpine areas in Switzerland, are harvested twice a year. Only the top part of the Edelweiss flowers are harvested but not the stems and roots.
Edelweiss flower is known for its potent antioxidant activity which is twice as much as that of vitamin C. ECOCERT Approved Edelweiss Extract sustainably sourced from the Swiss alps.
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