Resveratrol Powder
Resveratrol Powder

Resveratrol Powder

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Natural Skin-Whitening and Antioxidant Agent
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Description: Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol and powerful antioxidant. Produced biotechnologically exactly matching the natural form of resveratrol. In nature resveratrol is found naturally in small amounts in wine, peanuts, mulberry and knotweed. It has been found to have antioxidant and skin-whitening effects. >99% pure. Only limited soluble in water (3 mg/100mL) and ethanol (50 mg/mL).

CAS: 501-36-0

INCI Name: Resveratrol

  • Has effective skin-lightening properties and is generally more effective than l- ascorbic acid and kojic acid
  • It is fast acting with visible and significant results in only 2 weeks (applied 3 times per day)
  • Has been found to reduce the appearance of aging skin due to its good antioxidant effects

Use: Comes in powder form. Add at the end of the formulation process and mixed very well, can also be added to the water phase of a formulas. Can also be added to an already made cream. Typical use level is 1% (1% is the maximum and you will get best results). Can be combined with other skin lighteners. For external use only.

Applications: Skin brightening facial and body care products, anti-age spot creams and serums, anti-aging for even skin tone, toners, sunscreen for UV protection. For best results use 3x daily.

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Raw material source: Yeast and glucose

Manufacture: Resveratrol is produced biotechnologically by yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) using glucose as substrate.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO-free but not certified

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Documents: SDS, Fact Sheet, Sample Recipe, Certificate of Analysis

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