Sericin Protein
Sericin Protein

Sericin Protein

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Film-Forming and Conditioning Agent
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Description: Unique glycoprotein isolated from natural silk produced by the silk worm Bombyx mori. Has strong affinity to keratin and forms a natural semi-occlusive, protecting anti-wrinkle film on the skin surface imparting an immediate, long lasting, smooth, silky feeling. Yellowish-brown aqueous liquid. Water-soluble.

CAS: 60650-88-6, 7732-18-5, 77-92-9, 24634-61-5

INCI Name: Sericin, aqua, citric acid, potassium sorbate

Properties: Sericin provides excellent film-forming, conditioning, and anti-wrinkle properies. It reduces significantly transepidermal water loss and skin irritation. Smoothing and moisturizing activities that persist even after washing leaving the skin or scalp silky and smooth.

Use: Add to water phase of emulsions. Typical use level Use level: 3 - 7%. For external use only.

Applications: Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams lotions, and serums. All kinds of conditioning hair care products.

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Raw material source: Silk worm Bombyx mori.

Manufacture: Extracted and purified from the silk worm Bombyx mori.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO-free (does not contain plant-derived materials)

Vegan: No

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