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Shower Gel Formulas


Summer Lilac & Thyme Shave Gel (No. 1525)

Properties: This shave gel will condition the legs with grapeseed oil and vitamin E, while providing slip with polyquaternium-10 to prevent razor burn and get as close a shave as possible. Summer Lilac & Thyme soothes any nicks from shaving.

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Exfoliating Shower Gel (No. 1584)

Properties: Mild Shower Gel with natural rice bran beads to exfoliate. Simple, basic formula. Fragrance is optional. Woodlands fragrance smells earthy and has a hint of sandalwood.

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Mild White Tea Body Wash (No. 1121)

Properties: Mild, herbal shower gel with white tea fragrance.

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Exfoliating Shower Gel with Jojoba Pearls (No. 1122)

Properties: Very mild shower gel with gentle jojoba pearl exfoliation. Suitable also for the very sensitive skin type.

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Creamy Shower Gel "Dove Type" (No. 1078)

Properties: Soft and creamy shower gel similar to the popular cream body wash "Dove" from Lever Brother Company.

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White Rose Pearlizing Shower Gel (No. 1120)

Properties: Creamy pearlwhite shower gel with mild cleansing agents and a very pleasant bouquet of white roses.

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