Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate
Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate

Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate

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Description: Sodium salt of the behenic acid ester of lactyl lactate. The main use of Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate is as a gellant in the manufacture of antiperspirants and deodorant sticks with Propylene Glycol, Alcohol or Silicone. Other suggested uses, such as in bar soaps, result in low irritation to skin and moisturization of skin.

CAS: 27847-75-2.

INCI Name: Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate

Appearance: Off-white flake
Odor: Bland, characteristic.
Melting point: 85-95°C
Flash point: 400°F (C.O.C)
Solubility in water: Slight

Storage: Stable if kept in closed container at cool and dry place


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