Sodium Lactate
Sodium Lactate

Sodium Lactate

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Natural Humectant
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Description: Sodium lactate is found in the stratum corneum of the skin and is the most cost effective, naturally occurring humectant available for use as a moisturizer. Has slight skin-lightening effects. Useful to adjust pH. For bar soaps: hardens bar, reduces cracking, and increases moisture retention. Recommended use level 0.5-5% for skin care products. For bar soaps 2-3%. care products.

INCI Name: Sodium Lactate

CAS: 72-17-3, 867-56-1

Appearance: Clear liquid, no turbidity.
Odor: Essentially odorless
Content: 58-62%
pH 7.5 - 9.0
Boiling point: 112.38°C
Specific Gravity: 1.31
Solubility in water: Soluble

Storage / Self Life: Keep containers closed in order to maintain the performance of the product, store at room temperature.

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