Sorbitan Trioleate
Sorbitan Trioleate

Sorbitan Trioleate

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Part Number: Z-EMF-SORBTRIOL-01
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Description: Low HLB, versatile surfactant. It is oil-soluble, making it a very effective coupling agent and co-emulsifier for mineral oil. In cosmetics it can be used as a w/o emulsifier in creams, gels and hair care products. It offers a soft skin feel.

CAS: 26266-58-0

INCI Name: Sorbitan Trioleate

Appearance @ 25°C: Clear amber liquid
Acid number: 15 Maximum
Saponificaiton number: 170-180
Hydroxyl number: 55-70
Moisture: 1.0%
Color (Gardner): 9.0 Maximum

Storage / Shelf Life: To maintain product quality do not store in heat or direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly closed until used.

Documents: MSDS

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