Saving Our Planet One Bottle at a Time

Earth Day is April 22 and it’s a wonderful day dedicated to commemorate our planet. Most any material can be transformed into something else, or in the case of something like plastic, it can be reused time and time again. Unfortunately, most plastic materials only get used once. A prime example of this is a shampoo or conditioner bottle. It’s used until the contents run out, and then it’s thrown away.

What if we took that container and just kept adding contents back into it? Thankfully, this concept is on-trend and currently in motion. A great example of a company doing this is The Body Shop. To reduce the number of plastic bottles used to store shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap, The Body Shop is utilizing refill stations worldwide. More than 400 stores are set to have a refill station in 2022, according to Cosmetics Business. By switching to refill bottles, customers could save up to 25 tons of plastic from being wasted every year.

Our Mission

At MakingCosmetics, we have a similar concept in that we sell wholesale cosmetic ingredients. This gives the consumer the tools they need to create their own cosmetics vs. buying typical retail cosmetics that come in single-use containers. An example is creating your own shampoo. You can buy more than enough ingredients to have the capability of refilling your shampoo bottle. The number of times that you can refill your bottle depends on a few variables: how much of an ingredient you buy, how much you use at once, and the expiration date of our product. Additionally, it's great to make your own product because you know what you're putting into it.

It doesn’t stop there. Some companies are removing plastic altogether. Aveda launched an all-new shampoo bar. The Shampure Nurturing Shampoo Bar features zero-plastic packing and will be packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled fiber, according to Cosmetics Business.

Empowering You

You can create a shampoo bar similar to Aveda’s with ingredients that we offer at MakingCosmetics. We have the perfect formulation to get you started, too. It’s our Handcrafted Shampoo & Body Bar (Formula 1787). Shampoo bars are great because they are much more condensed than regular shampoo, so they’re going to last you a lot longer. According to National Geographic, shampoo bars will on average outlast two or three bottles of liquid shampoo bottles.

An additional environmental factor to using a shampoo bar is that it’s virtually waterless. Most shampoos and conditioners are made of about 70% of water, according to a Canada-based company called Everist. They don't make shampoo bars, but they do make waterless shampoo and conditioner that is more of a paste than a liquid. Have we saved the planet just yet? No, but we are taking the right strides in doing so.

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