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About Us

MakingCosmetics Inc. was founded in 1997. The company specializes in ingredients for making personal care products and color cosmetics. We are proud to be one of the very first companies in the US that has established itself as a leading retail supplier of cosmetic ingredients for small businesses and individuals.

MakingCosmetics Inc. is a FDA-registered, OTC-licensed cGMP/FDA facility. We offer a wide range of cosmetic ingredients, raw materials and tools for manufacturing personal care products and color cosmetics. We also offer free help service and provide a wealth of information including formulas, videos, newsletters, resources, and articles.

We are an exclusive internet-based mail order business delivering goods worldwide to more than 150 countries. Our customers include small cosmetic manufacturers, spas, pharmacies, medical doctors, beauty studios, hair & nail studios, and individuals interested in producing their own cosmetics and personal care products.
We are a team of dedicated professionals with various backgrounds including cosmetic formulating, cosmetology, medical science, laboratory research, and customer service. Our goal is to provide exclusively high quality products along with an outstanding customer service.   
Warehouse, offices and laboratories of MakingCosmetics Inc. in Snoqualmie, WA (USA)
Commitment to Quality
Quality is part of our everyday routine; it is part of our culture, the way we work, and why we take pride in what we do. Our dedication to quality is reinforced by our commitment to operate strictly under cGMP quality standards (current Good Manufacturing Practice), a standard adopted by the FDA. This standard includes all internal and external processes and procedures, from the selection of suppliers to the delivery of goods to customers.
Commitment to Natural and Organic Products
We are committed to providing you as many raw materials as possible derived from truly natural, GMO-free or certified organic sources allowing you to create pure natural products that are commercially not available.
Commitment to Cruelty-Free Products
We pledge to be cruelty free. We believe that animals should not suffer and die to test cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients. We therefore avoid doing business with companies that make animals suffer for their products or supporting corporations that abuse animals. See our Declaration of Cruelty-Free Policy
Commitment to Organic Products
We are committed to offering you only pure organic ingredients that are certified. For that reason our business has been USDA-certified by the WSDA Organic Food Program (Washington State Department of Agriculture)



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