Terms and Conditions:

  • Please note that points cannot be earned or redeemed for orders placed via telephone, email, or previous purchases.
  • Points gained from returned products will be deducted from your account.
  • While points hold no monetary value and can't be exchanged for cash, they certainly enrich your experience with us.
  • To ensure your points remain active, make a purchase within 12 months; otherwise, they'll expire.
  • As you accrue or redeem points, your tier level may shift accordingly.
  • Crossing the point threshold for a higher tier automatically upgrades you to that tier.

Kindly remember that the rewards program is subject to change or termination, with adjustments in points earned per dollar spent. Mixing reward points with other promotions or accounts isn't possible, and points can't be transferred. Any actions not in line with these terms will result in point forfeiture.

Join our loyalty program today and relish a journey filled with over 1000 cosmetic ingredients, exclusive access, and unforgettable experiences. Your loyalty, our gratitude – a perfect blend!

We reserve the right to terminate and/or modify this reward program in any manner, at any time, without limitation, including the adjustment of points earned per dollar spent without prior notice to participants. Customers cannot combine or co-mingle reward points with other promotions or multiple accounts. Reward points cannot be gifted, inherited, or otherwise transferred to any company or individual. Any actions to earn or redeem reward points not in accordance with these terms and conditions will result in forfeiture of reward points.