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Blush Formulas


Simple Cheek Balm (No. 1548)

Properties: This cheek balm conditions the skin with mango butter while giving a beautiful, rosy glow. Mica bordeaux can be replaced with mica bronze to warm the skin and give a beautiful shimmery finish or with mica pearlwhite for an iridescent glow.

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Liquid Highlighter (No. 1535)

Properties: Liquid Highlighter to give a natural & fresh glow finish to your natural skin complexion or a finial touch to your makeup.

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Highlighter Balm (No. 1445)

Properties: Quick highlighter balm for the cheeks, lips and all the areas that need a little glow! Natural formulation, quick to make.

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Cream Blush (No. 1019)

Properties: Compact Cream Blush with a smooth texture and velvet feel. Color can be changed by using other mica pigments, e.g carmine red, bordeaux red, blackstar red etc.

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Gel-Blush with Mica Pigments (No. 1018)

Properties: Nice gel consistency with great mica color. The gel-blush can be made using just mica pigments or a blend of micas and D&C red pigment (1-2% D&C red and 6-7% mica red and/or bordeaux) one can also add pearlwhite mica to the reds to receive pastel colors or ultramarine pink.

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