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Eye Cream Formulas


Brightening Eye Serum (No. 1400)

Properties: Brightening eye serum pairs the powerful combination of ingredients in our Eye Complex 4 with the soothing properties of Vitamin B3. Together, the eye area is brighter, smoother, and firmer. Wrinkle blur helps reduce the appearance of fine lines such as crows feet, and this fragrance-free formula is great for even the most sensitive skin. Lightly scented with Lavender Hydrosol to prevent irritation caused by synthetic fragrances without being too strong to cause discomfort..

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Anti-Aging Face & Decolleté Lifting Cream (No. 1045)

Properties: Anti-aging treatment cream for the face but also for the decolleté and bust. It increases firmness of the skin due to SkinTight AP and SkinLift DPHP but it also shows powerful anti-wrinkle action by stimulating contraction of collagen fibers, with long lasting firming and moisturizing effects. SkinLift DPHP reduces the number of depth of both deep and medium-deep wrinkles after a 28 day application. Vitamin E, C and A act as antioxidants and protect the skin from free radicals, plus regenerate and moisturize the skin. Aloe Vera concentrate soothes the skin. This is a very rich skin treatment.

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Wrinkle Inhibitor Gel-Cream (No. 1046)

Properties: Argireline is a peptide that both reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated effective against their development. It reduces wrinkle depth especially in the forehead and around the eyes by 27% following a twice a day application for 6 weeks. SkinLift DPHP smoothes out the effects of aging wrinkles, crow's feet disappear and the skin becomes younger looking, it also raises the moisture content of the skin permanently. It increases firmness of the skin and stimulates contraction of collagen fibers. Vitamin E and A act as antioxidants and protect the skin from free radicals, plus regenerate and moisturize the skin as well.

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Eye & Face Balm with Q10-Liposomes (No. 1048)

Properties: Eye & Face Balm with potent anti-oxidant ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin E and encapsulated in liposomes coenzyme Q10 that also improve skin elasticity. High collagen protection that protect actively from sun damages and skin aging and restores dermal tissue. Excellent moisturizing properties due to hyaluronic acid.

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Anti-Dark Circle/Anti-Puffiness Eye Treatment (No. 1049)

Properties: Light cream-gel with Soy Rice Peptides that dramatically reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes (clinical study showed 35% reduction after 8 weeks treatment), improves skin smoothness and texture, improves microcirculation of the blood in the skin.

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Extreme Hydrating and Firming Eye Gel (No. 1047)

Properties: Light gel that boosts collagen protection and has potent moisturizing properties due to hyaluronic acid and tripeptide-5. Skintight AP and Tripeptide-5 also firm the skin and strongly reduce wrinkles. Watermelon Extract protects the skin cells against daily stress induced by UV light and free radicals. A powerful treatment.

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