Pet's Product Formulas

Pet Shampoo Concentrate (No. 1102)

Properties: Easy to make, mild but rich cleansing shampoo concentrate. Contains very mild surfactants suitable for the sensitive skin. Contains also a soy-based protein conditioner and an effective emollient (peg-7-glyceryl cocoate) that moisturizes the pet's coat. Optionally, provitamin B5 may be added to soothe irritated skin or aloe vera to moisturize very dry skin. Direction to use: shake well. Thoroughly wet animal's coat with water. Massage only small amounts of the shampoo into coat while adding water to get better dispersion. Continue until a generous lather is generated. Rinse well.

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Mild Conditioning Pet Shampoo (No. 1103)

Properties: Pet shampoo for dogs and cats with very mild cleansing ingredients. PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate gives moisture and emolliency back to the hair, rice quat and guar gum act as conditioning ingredients. Tea tree oil helps to repel fleas and ticks.

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