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Self-Tanner Formulas


Sunless Tanning Gel (No. 1142)

Properties: Light tanning gel-cream with moisturizing ingredients, DHA and erythrulose for tanning and squalane, silicone gel and apricot kernel oil for softening. Has a light skin feel without greasiness and with a bit of moisturization. Gives a light tan, re-apply for a graduate sun kissed tan.

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Self-Tanning Mousse (No. 1143)

Properties: Colored Mousse for easy application. Gives a light to medium color. Usage: Shake before use. Exfoliate skin first, then pump and apply the light mousse onto skin and rub-in. Wait a few minutes until absorbed then dress. Color develops gradually, for a deeper color apply again the next day. Do not shower within 6h of application.

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Non-Oily Self Tanning Gel (No. 1111)

Properties: Smooth non greasy gel for the face or body. Fill the gel into a tube or into a jar.

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Self-Tanning Cream (No. 1112)

Properties: This self-tanning cream is ideal for normal to dry skin.

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Self-Tanning Lotion for Pump-Spray Bottles (No. 1113)

Properties: After application on the skin, the tanning effect of dihydroxyacetone will appear after 2-3 hours, whereas the effect of erythrulose only after 1-2 days. This self-tanning lotion has no UV protection.

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