New Formula Service

This service includes the creation of a new formula for a finished cosmetic product based on your needs and wishes. It includes theoretical work but also the production of samples. We may also recreate a formula based on an existing benchmark product, but we don't fully reverse engineer a product but instead formulate a product with similar properties. Pricing depends on the type of product and complexity and time requirements to create a formula. Upon completing the form below you will get a detailed price quote.

Formulas we do:

  • Skin care products including moisturizers, lotions, butters, masks, cleansers, shower gels, toners, scrubs/peels
  • Hair care products including shampoos, conditioner, hair styling products (hair gels, pomades)

Formulas we don't do:

  • Color cosmetics, oral care products, insect repellents, hair dyes
  • Products involving gases (e.g. hair styling sprays and other aerosols)
  • Products involving FDA declared active pharmaceutical ingredients (e.g. antiperspirants, sunscreens, salicylic acid products)