Be Successful This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming faster than we think! That means it’s also time to start preparing for those busy holiday orders. Recently, we attended Suppliers’ Day, a 2-day event that occurred in Long Beach, California. And with the time spent there, we gained some insider knowledge into what to expect this holiday season in regard to shipping times and prices, along with some up-and-coming trends.

Global Shipping Cost Increase & Congested Harbors

While crossing the Harbor Bridge in Long Beach, we could see dozens of cargo ships still awaiting (Oct. 14-Oct. 15) entry into the harbor, which just recently together with the LA harbor started operating 24/7 to try and accommodate for this traffic.

And while this may help, congestion is predicted to worsen just ahead of the holiday season, unfortunately. This harbor traffic has been causing shipping to be more expensive than before due to this cargo ship congestion, the ongoing pandemic, and the recent shortage of employees amongst many organizations.

Order Items Early

Since the demand for raw materials is still very high and we all can struggle with supply issues, prices will continue to increase into 2022, along with longer lead times as well.

This means you should start ordering items as early as possible. If you have a holiday deadline to meet like most companies do, it’s best to get a pretty early start. Bulk and special-order items are already expected to take longer to ship, and with that, other items could start to see longer lead times as well.


Stay on top of the current trends and execute them early. If something is trending, it probably means other businesses that are similar to yours might start purchasing those materials as well and it’s best to make sure you get what you need ahead of schedule.

Take a peek of upcoming and continuous trends that we saw at Supplier’s Day (look for more details that will be published in our new ingredients newsletter). You can sign up for the newsletter by going to our website and scrolling to the bottom of the page!

  • Clean Beauty ingredients
  • Clean labeling
  • Natural & Sustainable solutions
  • Novelle & natural thickeners
  • Easy to use emulsifier systems
  • Various botanicals and plant actives helping stressed & tired skin
  • Ingredients for glow & radiance, anti-aging, even skin tone & sagging skin
  • Film formers that show curl retention, wear resistance
  • SPF boosters
  • Spring Colors

Take these tips into consideration while planning and executing your holiday business plans and you might just skip the holiday headache this year!

We wish you a successful holiday season! For more tips and resources, follow us on social media!

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