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Peel & Scrub Formulas


AHA Fruit Acid Peel

  Phase A Weight % For 100g / 3.6oz  
  Botanical Gel Base (diluent) 80.0% 80.0g / 2.9oz  
  AHA Fruit Acids (exfoliant) 20.0% 20.0g / 0.7oz  
  Phase B      
  Triethanolamine (neutralizer) q.s.    
  Method: Quick and easy done. Add botanical gel base into a glass beaker. Add AHA Fruit Acids and stir very well, until uniform and gel like. Test the pH if below 4.0 add 1-2 drops of TEA (for this 100g/3.6oz) quantity, then test again. Ideal pH should be between 4 and 5.

Properties: Fruit Acid Peel made with our 50% solution of AHA. The final strength of the peel will be 10%.
Apply to skin for a few minutes, then rinse off. A slight tingly feel is normal.


Green Tea Butter Salt Scrub

  Phase A Weight % For 100g / 3.6oz  
  Green Tea Butter (emollient) 75.5% 75.5g / 2.7oz  
  Castile Soap (soap) 2.0% 2.0g / 1/2 tsp  
  Polyglucose (surfactant) 2.0% 2.0g / 1/2 tsp  
  Phase B      
  Sea Salt (peel ingredient) 20% 20g / 0.7oz  
  Phase C      
  Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol) (antioxidant) 0.5% 0.25g / 6 drops  
  Fragrance (optional) 0.5% 0.25g / 6 drops  
  Method: Mix phase A with a spatula until uniform. Add phase B and mix until the scrub looks uniform. Add more salt if needed. Add phase C and mix again thoroughly.

Properties: This is a simple, natural formulation for a thick salt scrub for a hand exfoliation but also feet or other parts of the body. Leaves skin hydrated and soft. The salt content can be increased as desired.


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