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Beginner Formulas


Basic Mild Shower Gel

Properties: Shower gel with a very mild cleansing blend. Basic formulation that you can customize further by adding herbal extracts if needed, but not necessary. Viscosity can be further increased by adding an additional amount of Glucose D.

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Hair Conditioner with Raspberry Seed Oil & SeaFennel Extract

Properties: Hair conditioner that detangles and helps wet comb the hair.

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Mild Face Cleansing Foam

Properties: Basic formula that can be customized further by adding additional herbal extracts if wished. The pump will produce a gentle foam, that cleanses the skin gently. Suitable for the normal to oily skin types.

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Moisturizing Skin Cream with Jojoba & Ceramides

Properties: Skin cream for every day moisturization, softens and is ideal for the normal to dry skin.

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