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Foot & Leg Cream Formulas


Moisturizing Shave Gel with Witch Hazel (No. 1525)

Properties: This shave gel will condition the legs with grapeseed oil and vitamin E, while providing slip with polyquaternium-10 to prevent razor burn and get as close a shave as possible.Witch Hazel soothes any nicks from shaving.

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Silk Shave Cream (No. 1468)

Properties: Thick cream with natural lubricity that improves razor glide, enhances the lather and leaves a softened after feel. Shaving Cream that creams up pretty nicely, has good slip and leaves skin soft, has added botanicals to help soothing the skin.

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Peppermint Foot & Leg Creme (No. 1163)

Properties: Revive your legs & feet! With cooling menthol & moisturizing aloe. Mild exfoliation due to Salicylic acid. Non-oily and soothing.

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Cleansing Foot & Leg Scrub (No. 1156)

Properties: What a delight for the feet and legs to get a scrub massage with the gentle polylactic acid beads. Added walnut shell powder adds a bit more exfoliation but can be replaced by polylactic acid if too harsh. It’s sure a treat after a long day and finish off with the Peppermint Foot & Leg Crème!

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Moisturizing & Cooling Tanning Spray (No. 1168)

Properties: Get these white legs tanned, without sunburn! Moisturizing liquid solution, quick and easy. Use a spray top on the bottle for easy application. Get a sun kissed look!

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