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Colors & Color Blends

Colorants are classified as either organic or inorganic depending on the chemistry. Both organic and inorganic colorants are available in dry form or liquid form dispersed in castor oil.

Organic colors: Organic colors were originally called coal tar or anilines because they were derived from coal sources. However, nowadays almost all organic colorants are synthetic and are available as either water soluble, oil soluble or insoluble (= Lakes) agents in all kinds of shades.

Inorganic colors: Inorganic colorants are composed of insoluble metallic compounds which are either derived from natural sources (e.g. china clay, carbon deposits) or synthesized. Inorganic colors do not have the same kinds of health risks as organic colors and, therefore do not require certification. Inorganic colorants are not available in the range of shades that the organic offers, and they are not water soluble which limits their range of applications. Since many factors can affect the stability and activity of colorants (e.g. surfactants, ph value) please keep in mind that the same amount of a specific colorant may give a different shade in a different formulation.